handmade kent armstrong pickups

Legendary Kent Armstrong Handmade Pickups

For over 40 years, Kent Armstrong has been an industry leader of handmade guitar pickups. His name is synonymus with premium-built high quality musical instrument pickups.

Why choose an off-the-shelf pre-made production pickup model from another company when you can request your own hand made pickup that is made specifically for you and your instrument, to your exact specification.

If you have a pickup that is in need of some TLC then why not get it repaired by the man himself? Fast turnaround and shipping guaranteed!

If you have an old pickup that has succumb to years of abuse on stage and is now rusty and breaking down then send it to Kent Armstrong for some TLC. Maybe you have a pickup that is not quite sounding the way that you had hoped - perhaps it sounds a bit 'thin' or underpowered. Again, Kent will be able to rewind the pickup, giving it a new lease of life.

Some pickups, particularly older ones, can become microphonic meaning that it will be prone to unwanted high-pitched squealing feedback. Having Kent wax pot it for you will result in a problem-free pickup, providing many more years of trouble-free use.

Have you considered getting your existing pickup modded so that the vintage hook-up wire is replaced with modern 4 core cable for more wiring and sound options?

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